Butter my dog
These dogs are running my life
Cocoa My dog
We were in Palms Spring and it was hot.
Who is Butter
Butter is my dog. She is extremely cute. She likes to smile especially when she pants. But sometime she puts on a very sad face, especially when she wants food or want to play. She shed a lot and keep the house full of dog hair. When she sees a stranger sho goes wwwwooo woooo wooo woooooof, and when she wants attention she goes 'm m m moov'. She is very naughty too, she likes to shred homework, bills, and she just shred a rolled up envelope that was used to 'discipline' her.
ASP.NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development.
Fine Arts
Tia Grantz Fine-Art showcase presenting oil on canvas, watercolor, batik, and more. Peruse her artworks, and if interested add to the shopping cart and check out via Paypal. Will ship anywhere.
My High School Alumni Association site. This is where my high school buddies stay in touch, post photos and comments and stuff.
Scrapbook collection project. Upload photos, resize, move them around, and add text and more. Compose pages and pages of photo essay and create your own scrapbook.
Here is a simple implementation of C# MVC with JQuery that allows you to upload images and size them accordingly while uploading.
This is my first blog. I am just testing to see how well this blog posts in Facebook. I am adding one of my favorite picture of Butter. She is a mix of Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. She looove to fetch, hence the name "Retriever". She also like to put on sad face to request food. She is such a character. She keeps me energized though I keep sneezing from her hair shed. Butter weighs about 25 pounds and is very cuddly. I just can't get enough of her
West LA
This is a typical sunny day in West LA. What I love about this place is that it's so awesome. Short ride to the beaches, great sushi places, great Thai and Indian restaurants, it just feels nice. Stayed here for two years, and the weather is pretty nice. Hardly ever rain, it gets as cold as 55 degrees in Californian winter. Occassionaly we have Santa Ana wind that push the temperature up to the upper eighties, but when that's over, back to nice sunny seventies.
Momo Rims
These Momo rims are for sale. They are 17" X 8" with 5 lugs, fit BMW E36, E46, and maybe other models as well. They make the car look more sportier than when they have factory rims on. Will ship anywhere in the US for $8! Will throw the air intake, loud aftermarket muffler, and racing steering wheel for free too :) Pay with paypal or credit card. Any question email me at: csharpxprt@gmail.com
Schedule C Expense Tracker
Ever wish you had a mobile-friendly expense tracking app to help you with your Schedule C? Lack of document support is #2 on top 8 tax audit red flags listed in this blog:

Butter going to the groomer
Butters hair was getting really long and dirty! I took the dogs to the groomer today and look how pretty she is now! And that's Cocoa in the background. He had a good wash and trim too.
Dogs wearing Jersey
New jersey for the dogs. The third photo shows how dirty she was before getting groomed.
Baby Butter - Very cute!
Showing short video compilations of Cocoa and Butter
Look Butter, its us! Hey look, an ADHD T-Shirt, so random, I want one of those! Oh wait! There's a better one, an Aerospace Engineer hoodie! What do you know!
Raspberry PI 2
Say hello to my new Raspberry Pi2, The size of a credit card, powered by Broadcom Quadcore 900 MHZ. Runs on a micro SD with Linux Raspberry. Yes it does not have a DVD Player but it plays video :) Thank you Suhas and Kenneth, this is awesome! I love it! I'm even staying up way past my bedtime cuz of this new gadget and watching that disco video. And oh, did I mention that It's controlled by wireless mouse and keyboard? Yea, its pretty slick. One more thing, if you want to enable youtube to play movie, follow these instructions
Future Energy Sources
Amazing compilation of future energy sources, including Hydrogen, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Bio, Tidal, check it out! Yes it's definitely worth to watch. I like the virus that can transform pressure to electricity.
Aerospace Engineer
That's me!
My Video Collection
I'm storing my favorite youtube videos here. Enjoy and check back often!
1992 Technology
1992, Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, Mississippi State University, working with Honda North America, Aircraft division. HondaJet MH-02 in the background. I wrote a Professional Basic program that reads 152 channels of sensors and transducers mounted on HondaJet MH-02, measuring in-flight parameters, i. e: 3-axis air speeds, 6-axis acceleration, temperatures, tension stress, vibration frequency, etc, and stored the values in a series of flat files for ground analysis. Read frequency was selectable from 6 HZ, 12 HZ, and 20 HZ. Program was activated and deactivated using buttons on the left and right end of the yoke, frequency was selected using a selector knob in the cockpit.
Elastic Impact
Solving Final velocities for collision of two perfectly elastic object using conservation of momentum and conservation of energy. Click here to see
Back to the Future 2015
The real 2015
ZipMart in Facebook
This is ZipMart on Facebook. I built eleven business models in ZipMart in 2016. To name a few: Branded model, Corporate Model, Corporate University, Franchise, Sponsorship, Subscription, and more ... For more information contact Shane Pendergest. Unfortunately I am no longer in this project due to ZipEdTech Financial crisis. That's OK, I understand, things happen
https://axis.zipmart.com is a companion to ZipMart, to help corporations administer and enroll their employees to designated courses, to monitor their progress, and to retrieve their certifications. Axis can also be used by franchisor to add company pages and admin users to administer the company "branded" page as well as adding and enrolling users to designated courses.
www.zipmart.com is an E-Learning Portal - Made for corporations to train their employee, also available for public and small to medium sized companies, even franchises. Covers 10 business models.
My Other Applications
Some of my Toy Projects that are published on the Internet, blank templates, construction software, wcf, etc.... (Click on the Learn More button to see) :
Microsoft .net Full Stack
This diagram represents the different components of MS Full Stack that I have been developing within the past six years, both for work and for personal use, such as this blog site, minus the WebForms and Classic ASP, just because I think they have been discontinued though they remain legacies.
Other videos from youtube
These are music videos from Youtube that give me positive energy
csharpmvc.com - .Net 4.5
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